Pelham Mayor’s son dies unexpectedly


Published August 22, 2023 at 3:11 pm

Pelham released the news that Zach Junkin, son of Mayor Marvin Junkin and his wife Candice, passed away "unexpectedly from natural causes" on August 18.

Pelham has released the news that Zach Junkin, son of Mayor Marvin Junkin and his wife Candice, passed away “unexpectedly from natural causes” on August 18.

“The family will fondly remember Zach for his quick wit and good-natured humour. Zach leaves behind his soul mate Brooke and young daughter Celeste,” said the release.

In his obituary, the younger Junkin was called a “great person whose life served as a beacon of inspiration and positive change has passed away, and the community that he was a part of in Ontario is in mourning over his passing.”

It added that the 38-year-old Junkin had an “effect on a great number of people’s lives, made a significant mark on the world as a result of his unflinching loyalty to his community, his enthusiasm for education, and his commitment to social causes. As we think about his life and legacy, we celebrate the fact that he led a full life and left behind a legacy that will continue to be an inspiration to future generations.”

Called “an important pillar in the community that he considered to be his own,” Junkin was known for his kind grin and welcoming manner, “but what made him truly special was his remarkable ability to make everyone he came in contact with feel appreciated and heard.”

Being a teacher, Junkin devoted his time and energy “to igniting a passion for education in young people and encouraging them to think creatively. His students were left with an indelible impression as a result of the novel teaching strategies and real passion he displayed for the subjects he taught.”

“It is a credit to both his leadership and his enthusiasm for making the world a better place that he is able to get people excited about significant social issues and get dialogues started about them. Even though Zachary is not here with us anymore, his legacy will live on through the people whose lives he changed for the better and the positive shifts he brought about.”

“Others are inspired to emulate his selflessness, empathy, and dedication to community service as a result of his principles, which continue to radiate outward and spread like a ripple.”

Pelham added, “As the family mourns the loss of their son, brother, brother-in-law, husband, father, and friend, they have requested privacy.”

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