Peel’s top doc wants people of Brampton, Mississauga to continue masking, distancing

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Published September 8, 2021 at 3:22 pm

Peel’s top doc continues to demand the vaccinated in Brampton and Mississauga bear the brunt for protecting the unvaccinated in the region.

And while that certainly includes those under the age of 12 who are not eligible, it also includes tens of thousands of anti-vaccine or vaccine-hesitant adults.

“While you, who are vaccinated fully, are at a lower risk there are, unfortunately, still many others in our community who have not had the chance to be vaccinated yet, and they remain susceptible to severe illness, hospitalization and death,” said Dr. Lawrence Loh, Peel’s Medical Officer of Health.

Speaking at Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown’s weekly news conference, Loh called those who have not received a vaccine ‘susceptible’ to infection.

“For now, with so many residents still susceptible, all of us must remain vigilant as we move through this turbulent final part of the acute phase of COVID-19, regardless of our vaccination status. We get to the end stage if we all get vaccinated sooner.”

Loh has been a staunch supporter of vaccines, strongly endorsing them since they because widely available in late spring. He also continues to make excuses for those who refuse to get vaccinated, regularly putting the onus of their safety on the vaccinated.

Loh said he empathized with the fully vaccinated who are now hearing they should reduce contacts. “We all hoped that, by doing the right thing, we’d get back to normal.”

The Ontario Science Table released some dire warnings about the fourth wave and, although they stopped short of recommending widespread lockdowns, they did say masking, social distancing, and reducing contacts need to be continued.

“What does it mean to ‘slightly reduce our contacts’? Well, the province has recently announced vaccine certification measures which will help reduce contact and risk for those who are susceptible in high-risk settings, when it comes into effect,” said Loh.

“Masking and distancing as much as possible remains critical in big crowds and in indoor public spaces, as does getting tested and staying home when you are sick.

“But there are other practical ways to reduce contacts for the moment. These include continuing to work remotely, if you can, keeping gatherings small and favouring the outdoors, avoiding larger gatherings and crowded indoor spaces with poor ventilation, and considering virtual, rather than in-person, visits.

“I know we are all tired of this.”

Last week in Brampton, there were 33 COVID-19 hospital admissions, up from 24 the week before.

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