Peel orders closure of three businesses, one Bakery, in Mississauga


Three businesses in Mississauga have been ordered to close due to outbreaks of COVID-19.

On Tuesday (May 11), Furlani Bakery, located at 1730 Aimco Boulevard, and ergoCentric Seating Systems, located at 275 Superior Boulevard were instructed to partially close; while Master Manufacturing, located at 2636 Drew Road was instructed to close fully by Peel Public Health (PPH).

According to PPH’s website, a business will be instructed to close if five or more employees test positive for the virus within two weeks.

Closures may be full or partial--full closures involve the entire workplace’s premises, while partial closures may involve the mass dismissal of a shift or work area.

“Closures will allow Peel Public Health to stop further spread of COVID-19 between employees while cases in the workplace are investigated,” reads PPH’s website.

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