Patrick Brown Promotes Brampton’s Needs to the Federal Government

Published June 1, 2019 at 8:32 am

The Brampton City Council is looking to ask the Federal Government for help to boost the economy, infrastructure and more.

The Brampton City Council is looking to ask the Federal Government for help to boost the economy, infrastructure and more.

Members of Brampton City Council are currently advocating for partnerships and funding from the Federal government to support critical needs, including transit infrastructure, economic advancements and environmental sustainability.

Mayor Patrick Brown and Councillors are at the 2019 Annual Conference of Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Quebec City which runs from May 30 to June 2, to promote the city’s needs.

The council is asking for numerous things including:

  • Support to proceed with a fully-funded Light Rail Transit on Main Street, extending to the Brampton GO Station, and a future Downtown Brampton Mobility Hub that connects to the GTHA. 
  • A fairer allocation method for Public Transit Stream (PTS) funding for Rapidly Growing Transit Systems. The Züm’s ridership increases of over 130 percent during 2008-2018 is among the highest in the country. 
  • Continued support for the Cybersecure Catalyst initiative with funding and solution-oriented collaboration.   
  • An increase in funding and a more active role by the federal government in the collection of housing data, allowing for cross-government comparisons and shared databases to support with a more comprehensive understanding of local housing and homelessness needs.
  • Fair funding allocation process that reflects local community safety needs in view of population growth.
  • Expansion of the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Funding for projects under $20 million such as neighbourhood-level studies, stormwater management, transportation, tree planting and establishment of an energy excellence institute.
  • Help to advance the Riverwalk project by providing funding, streamlining the approval processes and partnering with the City towards the vision of a sustainable, future-oriented community. 

“Brampton is priming its infrastructure for now and into the future. We seek federal support to help advance a number of transformative projects including sustained funding to support the country’s fastest-growing transit system and a national centre for cybersecurity, among others,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “We look forward to working with the Federal government to harness the immense opportunities that are before us. We are your partner for continued success. Let’s work together for the people of Brampton.”

Brampton is Canada’s second fastest-growing city and home to one of the youngest, most diverse and highly employable workforce in the country. As a key contributor to the provincial and national economy, the City hopes more help from the Federal Government will bring out its full potential.

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