Past meets future at Flying Saucer Restaurant in Niagara Falls


Published January 21, 2023 at 12:02 pm

Perhaps it’s the over-active imagination of a person weaned on Hanna-Barbera cartoons in the 1960s but it’s impossible to look at the Flying Saucer Restaurant on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls and not somehow harken back to The Jetson’s cartoon.

However, for both locals and tourists alike, the restaurant is famous for a number of things besides its unique design. Number one among them – a lot of food at a low price. Number two would have to be their all-day breakfasts.

A throwback to the funky, retro countryside diners that were around when The Jetsons was on TV, the dining room, filled with 1950s-style circular family-sized tables, is littered with intergalactic imagery while the ceiling is covered with screens showing a deep blue starry sky and random UFOs flying around.

Parents will smile at the hokey kitschiness of it all; kids will love it because of the space-age theme.

Created in 1972 by Henry Di Cienzo, the owner’s love of sci-fi was the vision behind the now over 50-year-old landmark.

For the longest time, Di Cienzo offered up a $1 million reward to anyone who could bring him an actual UFO or pieces of a flying saucier.

Says the restaurant’s website: “For the best breakfast in Niagara, come to the Flying Saucer Restaurant. It’s the home of out-of-this-world food at down-to-earth prices. Everyone in your family will love our full menu sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Our specialty subs can’t be beat, and our burgers and dogs are the meanest around.”

For more recent arrivals to the UFO establishment, the initial layout was one single building that looked like a flying saucier. A couple of decades later, the eatery was so popular, a second ‘saucer’ was added with the two connected by a lobby.

One thing is for certain, the reviews for the Flying Saucer are out-of-this-world.

Said one, “We always visit this little diner every trip to the Falls. There are cheaper options, however portion size, value and quality is hard to beat here. There is a super cheap breakfast special if you can get up early enough. Menu is huge with all the breakfast options you old possibly want from waffles, pancakes, steak and eggs to eggs benedict.”

Added another: “I loved the inside of the restaurant. The alien decor is nice and it’s a fun place to visit.
The food is good and the prices are reasonable. We ordered the BLT sandwich, home fries, Nutella and Banana crepe, Canadian back bacon sandwich, the double egg sandwich, apple juice by the pitcher. It was a good experience and the family enjoyed it.”

Raved a third: “Such a cool vibe! The atmosphere was very unique, I loved the alien theme. The place was quite busy on Sunday morning as expected for brunch but the service was very fast and friendly! Great portions, yummy food and fairly priced. Would definitely come again.”

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