Past five days had been a seesaw for new COVID-19 cases in Niagara


Published March 9, 2022 at 4:46 pm

The stock market doesn’t rise, then plummet and then surge back up the way new COVID-19 cases are these days in Niagara Region.

Through the weekend and then up to today, numbers started quite high, dropped quickly to the lowest 2022 has seen and then started right back up the viral ladder again.

On Saturday (March 5), it started at a relatively high 98 before dropping to 57 Sunday. Monday was looking like we’d turned a huge corner with only 24 new known cases, the lowest since early December.

However, by yesterday, that shot up to 69 new cases and then hit triple-digits with 108 new cases today. It’s only been higher than that twice in the past 28 days with February 10 hitting 129 and March 2 jumping to 117.

The ongoing known cases has been on a slow decline for the past month and a half. On Monday, there were 1,226 known ongoing cases throughout Niagara before that edged down to 1,217 yesterday.

However, with today’s spike, that region-wide number jumped up to 1,237 known cases today.

With no new outbreaks today, there are only six outbreaks through the region at the moment, the lowest it’s been since last November.

Some good news is Niagara should hit 1,020,000 vaccination shots some time tomorrow, sitting just a few hundred shy at the moment.

As for the region’s elementary school kids, half (49.2 per cent) have their first shots while more than a quarter (26.4 per cent) are fully-vaxxed.

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