Park will close in Burlington for installation of new playground


Published June 27, 2024 at 6:11 pm

playground Burlington park lakefront

A Burlington park will close next year as it undergoes a major redesign.

Shoreline protection work at Port Nelson Park has been completed and the next phase will see the creation of a new playground, paved pathways, drinking water stations and seating areas.

The theme of the playground was selected by members of the public who chose the lighthouse keeper’s cabin design.

The public also assisted in the selection of the layout of the park including where certain aspects of the landscaping should be placed.

Renovations at Port Nelson Park have been ongoing since 2020 and were prompted by the need to protect the shoreline from erosion and to update the old playground equipment and other fixtures.

While 2025 is set for when the next stage of work will be carried out, it has not yet been determined how long the park will be closed while construction takes place.

Port Nelson Park is located on the lakefront at the foot of Guelph Line.





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