Paramount Fine Foods – A Middle Eastern Treat

Published March 12, 2013 at 4:00 am


I have always been fascinated with the middle east and the Arab world.  Everything from the food to politics interested me. It didn’t matter if you were an Egyptian with 3 mobile phones or a Lebanese princess I wanted to talk to you about your culture. 

Then, when I was in high school fell head over heels for a girl from Lebanon. This girl was so sweet, she would bring me the most delicious baklava, and tabbouleh I thought we were in love. 

Sadly, much to my dismay she started dating a guy that looked like Massari and my supply of delicious Arab treats was cut me off faster than you can say “Yella Habibi!”

Luckily in Montreal, due to the large amount of Lebanese immigrants I didn’t have to look to far to get my fix. We had places such as Marche Adonis (which a location is opening up soon in Mississauga), Amir, Basha and Fatoosh on almost every corner to get our falafel on.

Fast forward 12 years, you can catch me rollin 50 deep into Paramount Fine foods (or three deep with my wife and daughter) located at 1290 Crestlawn Drive Mississauga L4W 1A6. 

This location has gone under a series of renovations over the past few years which has lead to the large eloquently decorated location you can see today. The beauty of this place is the freshness of the food, the family atmosphere and service.  

When you walk in you will be seated and asked to keep in mind your table number which you will use for reference when you order from the various stations around the restaurant.  One of the first things to arrive at your table after ordering is a basket of complimentary pita. I assure you this is the best pita you have ever had, and you will want to just destroy it faster than the Iron Sheikh did Hulk Hogan. But just hold on, the food gets even better! 

My staples at this Arab oasis is the Manakeesh (Lebanese style pizza baked in a stone oven), the Shish Tawouk platter (which includes rice, salad, pickles, sauce, two skewers of tender marinated chicken breasts cooked over charcoal). I tend to wash that down with a selection of French pastries or freshly made Baklava. 

The amount of sweets available are rather staggering, from fresh Baklava,  Osmalieh (Ashta cream layered in between thin layers of phylo drizzled in a sugar syrup) to French pastries it’s enough to send any sugar loving fanatic into a delicious diabetic coma. 

The vibe at paramount is certainly family oriented. You see very large tables of people from all over the world (not just the Middle East) sitting down and enjoying what paramount has to offer. 

One thing you will also notice is that there is also a large amount of family platters available which I had used on several occasions for parties. My favourite is the shish tawouk platter (twelve skewers of charcoal grilled  chicken breasts, mixed pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, rice, homemade pita  and hummus) great for any potluck. 

Here is a little secret about me, I am cheap, I like authentic food, good service and a welcoming atmosphere. Paramount has it all and that is why I can honestly say this is my favourite place to eat. I have never been disappointed and I have brought many of friends and family to this spot. I have also recommended it to colleagues and friends and they too become regulars.  I love this place, enjoy. 

Paramount Fine Foods
1290 Crestlawn Dr
(905) 282-1600
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