Pair of downtown Brampton homes recognized for historic significance


Published September 20, 2021 at 12:49 pm

6 Isabella Street

A pair of early 20th Century houses on Isabella Street are expected to be granted heritage status by the City of Brampton.

The request will be discussed at the city’s Heritage Board meeting tomorrow night.

The single-dwelling homes at 6 and 11 Isabella St. in downtown Brampton are both considered well-preserved and well-constructed examples of pre-WWI architecture and are key to maintaining the unique character of the neighbourhood.

According to the staff report, the cultural heritage value of 6 Isabella St. is related to its design and physical value as a representative example of a late Edwardian masonry house including some prominent Dutch Colonial Revival style elements.

The Edwardian style elements are apparent in the smooth brick façade, the sash, paned windows, and balanced design. The Dutch Colonial Revival style is most evident for this dwelling in its distinct gambrel (“barn”) roof.

Dutch Colonial Revival architecture was largely popular during the early 1900’s within the interwar period (between WWI and WWII). The gambrel roof provided a full second storey of space, which made the Dutch Colonial Revival house a practical choice for families.

Regarding 11 Isabella St., the cultural heritage value is related to its design and physical value as a representative example of a four-square Edwardian masonry house.

The four square-style is evident in the balanced design of the dwelling, and the smooth brick façade and gabled roof speaks to the Edwardian era construction. Edwardian architecture that was popular in the British Empire during the Edwardian era (1901–1910).

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