Paid parking could be implemented soon at Beachway Park in Burlington


Published April 1, 2021 at 4:45 pm

Burlington mayor Marianne Meed Ward recently expressed her concerns over the parking at Beachway Park.

In an interview with Khaled Iwamura from, Meed Ward stated that the popularity of the beach has created some challenges for the city including issues with parking.

According to Meed Ward, on busy days, the parking situation at the beach has caused people to park near the road, on the shoulder and on gas lines.

“It’s really not at all the safest thing,” said Meed Ward, adding that the city implemented a $240 COVID fine last summer for improper parking.

“That’s an expensive day at the beach and we’d rather help people enjoy the beach proactively and let them know what to expect, than have to fine them for making the wrong choice at the end of the day.”

According to Meed Ward, one of the things that the city is considering is paid parking.

Meed Ward stated that it would not be 24/7, but rather on weekends, during peak periods and for certain periods of time to “better manage parking.”

Additionally, Meed Ward mentioned that paid parking would also help to deter people in the area using the parking spaces there simply because it’s free.

In terms of people from out of town coming to the park, Meed Ward said they would use the same type of machines currently used to monitor parking in Burlington.

“We can use existing technology we have in the city already to manage this, if that’s the path we want to go down,” said Meed Ward.

“Those are some of the things that we can explore and committee will be looking at a report from staff next week with some proposals.”

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