Outside the city: family friendly getaways


Constantly scouring the internet for deals and mini getaways during these times? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Here are five family-friendly experiences that you can discover in Ontario.

5: Blue Mountain Four-night Chalet Stay for 10 People

Grab your friends and getaway at a cozy chalet with a private beach and a fully equipped kitchen. This deal starts at $1799.00 and is currently 55 per cent off. The deal includes accommodations at Tyrolean Village Resorts for either 10 or 15 people. You can get a six-bedroom chalet for up to 10 people or an eight- or 10-bedroom chalet for up to 15 people. This deal is available until March 29 with blackout days listed on the website.

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4: Guerlain Luxury Day Spa

This deal starts at $85.00 and is currently 39 per cent off. It is located at Guerlain Spa at Hotel X in Toronto. You have a choice of three packages: a 60-minute hand or foot therapy for $85.00 (Reg. $140), a 60-minute signature relaxing massage for $169.00 (Reg. $240.00) or $339.00 (reg. $485.00) for a full luxury day spa. This deal is available until Monday-Friday until March 31, 2021.

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3: Flight Simulator Experience

This deal is available now until to June 2021 and is currently 20 per cent off. Prices start at $119 (Reg. $149) for an hourlong flight simulation experience for up to two people including an introductory briefing. They also have a two-hour long experience for two and for $15 more, you can get a Gold upgrade which allows you to add up to two different airports to the experience.

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2: Family Canoe Trip

This deal starts in May and is available until October 2021. It is currently 36 per cent off for either a two-night Haliburton Highlands canoe trip which is priced at $479.00 (Reg. $745.00) or a three-night French River canoe trip priced at $829.00 (Reg. $1195.00). Both trips include all meals, group equipment, tents and interior camping permits.

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1: Flight Tour and Wine Tastings: Toronto & Niagara

This deal is currently 42 per cent off and starts at $139.00. You will take a flight out of Markham and head out on a tour of downtown Toronto and/or Niagara falls. You can choose from one of the following packages: $139.00 (Reg. $238.00) for a 25-minute flight for two people in a Navajo Chieftain, $399.00 (Reg. $798.00) for a roundtrip flight for two from Markham to Niagara Falls, including an aerial tour of Toronto, a guided wine-tasting tour and land transfers by limousine to and from the winery or $479.00 (Reg. $996.00) for a roundtrip flight for two from Markham to Niagara Falls, including VIP lounge access with champagne, a photo in the cockpit and aerial tours of Toronto and Niagara Falls. This deal will be available until March 31, 2021.

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