Ontario's Students Are Not Happy With The Ford Government's OSAP Cutbacks


Ontario’s students are making the voices heard in regards to OSAP cuts by the Doug Ford government.

There is a Change.org petition titled: “Stop Doug Ford’s Cuts to OSAP” which was created by students who are concerned about the cutbacks.

The petition reads: “As some of you may know Doug Ford is slashing the grace period of OSAP. The government’s decision to charge interest right away, to do away with the grace period, is completely appalling. New graduates need time to get on their feet. It’s clear the government sees students as a source of income, when in fact students are the future of our province. This petition is to make sure that the government knows what is important and that they are really “for the people.”

The poll already has over 350,000 signatures as of Tuesday, September 10, and it’s steadily growing toward its goal of 500,000.

Lots of students have also listed their reasons for signing the petition.

One user wrote: “This is not “putting students first.” This is putting more students in debt and lowering education standards. No one wins except Doug. But hey at least he’ll be able to afford his Ferris wheel.”

Another user also stated: “Osap, was the only way I could go to school. Trying to be as debt-free as possible was my goal, but Doug Ford now has my education in his large overflowing pockets. My future is undecided at this point.”

Students on Twitter have also voiced the difficulties they face due to the cutbacks.

Only time will tell if the petition will be the first step in making life easier for future graduates.

What do you think about the cutbacks to OSAP?

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