Ontario teachers no longer self-isolating after coming into contact with individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms


In addition to concern about class sizes, many Ontario parents of school children are concerned about a memo that has been going around instructing teachers on changes to self-isolation protocols.

Moving forward, teachers who come into close contact with someone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms--such as a member of their household--will not be required to self-isolate.

These changes came into effect September 21, and as of this date, teachers who choose to self-isolate due to exposure to symptomatic individuals will be required to return to work or use a family emergency, personal or unpaid day.

However, those who come into close contact--such as someone in their household--with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have the virus will still be required to self-isolate.

Additionally, those who are informed by a Public Health Case Manager that they are a high risk for having come into close contact with a confirmed case through contact tracing will also still be required to self-isolate.

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