Ontario ranked as the second luckiest place to live in Canada: Survey


Published March 1, 2024 at 2:19 pm

Ontario ranked second luckiest place to live
Southern Ontario is seeing some of the coldest weather this week so far this season. (Photo: Andre Furtado)

Do you live in Ontario? If so, you’re one of the luckier people in Canada.

According to recent data, it has been revealed that some Canadians are statistically luckier than others, as a recent survey conducted on behalf of Lucky Days hyper-analyzed every province and territory in order to find out exactly where in the country is the luckiest place to live. 

Key variables that were factored in included life expectancy, hourly wage, population growth, the consumer price index (CPI), unemployment rate, crime rates and construction-related investments from the last calendar year. 

As indicated in the report , the Yukon (despite the area’s relatively small population) is the luckiest place to live in all of the great white north.

Data gathered from 2023 showed that the Yukon only had an unemployment rate of 3.6 six per cent compared to other regions in Canada. Additional factors included investment incentives of over $50 million for regional construction and a population growth of over 11 percent. 

As for us Ontarians, worry not, for we grabbed silver by securing the second-place spot. Bolstering some of the highest life expectancy in the country as well as being ranked one of the safest places to live in Canada. 

As for the rest of the competition, the results can be seen here: 

Province/Territory Luck Score 
Yukon 56.43
Ontario 55.84
British Columbia 55.11
Prince Edward Island  53.71
Quebec  53.02
Nova Scotia 51.89
Alberta 50.94
New Brunswick 49.56
Manitoba 47.53
Northwest Territories 45.48
Saskatchewan 43.70
Newfoundland and Labrador 39.28
Nunavut 38.41


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