Ontario leads the way in cable copper thefts across Canada


Published March 13, 2024 at 11:05 am


Due to a spree of copper thefts across Ontario, Bell Canada has taken matters into their own hands by installing aerial alarms across the province. These security systems, are designed to contact local law enforcement if a Bell cable is vandalized, or more commonly, cut down for the theft of the copper inside the cable itself. 

Ontario leads the way in copper thefts, with 55 per cent of documented incidents occurring within the province.

In an official press release, Bell representatives note that since January 2022, over 1,000 of these physical security incidents have impacted their network across the country, with 87 per cent being directly related to the theft of copper. 

As Bell indicates, it takes roughly 10 to 12 hours to repair the damage caused by copper theft, meaning that any individuals within the region who rely on Bell’s services, can be without internet, phone or television access for the duration of the repair. 

Installing aerial alarms is just the first step, as according to Bell, they are actively calling on both federal and provincial governments to crack down on copper thieves by enhancing penalties for criminal activity related to the vandalization of communication infrastructure. 

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