Ontario Government To Repair Major Mississauga Highway and Bridge

Published April 25, 2019 at 6:41 pm


The Ontario Government is investing into the repairs of a Mississauga highway.

The government put out a press release today stating that they will invest money into the rehabilitation of the bridge on the QEW over the Credit River.

The repairs to the bridge are necessary to make sure that the bridge is in good condition and to extend the service life of the infrastructure.

Improving this bridge will not only make it more reliable to use for residents, but also create new jobs.

The news release states, “improving highways and bridges will keep Ontario highways reliable for workers, families and businesses across the province. A strong transportation network will attract investment, job creation and trade that will benefit all Ontarians.”

MPP for Mississauga-Lakeshore Rudy Cuzzetto says, “thousands of commuters and commercial vehicles cross the Credit River Bridge every day. Keeping our bridges in good repair not only keeps drivers safe, but also improves traffic flow and supports economic growth.”

The government will use the Public-Private Partnership model to repair the highway and bridge. This model transfers risks associated  design, construction and financing of the project to the private sector.

Kinga Surma, parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Transportation, added, “repairing bridges is part of our plan to keep Ontario moving. Our government is respecting taxpayers and protecting the things that matter most as we invest in Ontario’s highways.”

According to the news release, the average daily traffic for the QEW is approximately 165,000 vehicles per day.

The government has not stated when the construction will take place, though the construction dates and schedules will be determined through the procurement process, the process of finding and agreeing to terms and a service from the private construction company, and their schedule.

Photo courtesy of qewcreditriver.ca. 

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