Ontario Government Officially Cancels Environment Policy


Published November 2, 2018 at 5:28 pm


The PC government has officially cancelled an environment policy that a report says could raise the province’s deficit by $3 billion.

Recently, the province voted to pass Bill 4, The Cap and Trade Cancelation Act.

The province says the elimination of the cap and trade carbon tax will reduce gas prices, save the average family $260 per year, and save Ontario businesses money.

While the province has scrapped cap and trade legislation for Ontario, it could still be subject to a federally-imposed carbon tax.

Ford has pledged to fight the federal government.

“While today marks an important milestone for Ontario, just last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his intentions to impose a punishing, job-killing new carbon tax on the people of Ontario,” said Premier Doug Ford.

“Our government is part of a growing coalition of other provinces across Canada that oppose and will ultimately repeal the federal carbon tax, which does nothing to reduce Canadian greenhouse gas emissions while raising the cost of essentials like home heating and gasoline.”

Later this fall, the province says it will release an environment plan to “help protect and conserve our air, land and water, address urban litter and waste, increase our resilience to climate change and help all of us do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

There is no word yet on what that plan will entail.

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