Ontario could move permanently to Daylight Saving Time


Published October 7, 2020 at 11:14 pm


Good news for all those who aren’t fans of having to change their clocks twice a year–Ontario could be eliminating the practice.

A new Bill–Bill 214 the Time Amendment Act–would allow Ontario to forego changing the clock forward in the spring, and back in the fall, and just keep Ontario in Daylight Saving Time all year.

The Bill passed its second reading at Queen’s Park on October 6 with unanimous support from all parties.

Several studies from around the world have found the bi-annual clock change has some serious, negative repercussions, including increased depression rates, heart attacks, strokes, and fatal collisions.

Additionally, permanent Daylight Saving Time would provide more hours of daylight during the evenings, which would likely boost the economy by promoting more retail activity.

“I see this as an important first step towards fulfilling the public’s overwhelming desire to end this out-of-date practice,” Jeremy Roberts, MPP for Ottawa West, said in a news release.

However, even if the Bill is passed, it wouldn’t necessarily mean changes would come into effect immediately–for Ontario to eliminate changing the clock, Quebec and New York would have to agree to follow suit.

“I believe that by showing leadership in taking this step, Ontario can encourage our counterparts in Quebec and New York state to take similar action so that, together, we can put this issue to bed, and all be better rested for it,” Roberts continued.

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