Ontario Cannabis Store launching edibles and other products


Published January 3, 2020 at 5:27 pm


If you’ve been patiently waiting to order cannabis edibles, extracts, beverages and other products, you might be happy to hear that your patience will be rewarded–and soon. 

While such cannabis products have been legal in Canada since Oct. 17, 2019, they have yet to hit legal retail shelves or the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Ontario’s official online cannabis retailer.

The OCS says this is due to the regulatory timelines and approval processes put in place by Health Canada to ensure new cannabis products are safe for consumption. 

Now, the OCS says the earliest possible date that cannabis products will be legally available for sale in Ontario is the week of Jan. 6, 2020. 

Products will first appear in retail stores and then on OCS.ca as early as Jan. 16. 

“As different producers are at varying stages of the licensing process outlined above, products will see a staggered release throughout the first few months of the year,” the OCS says on its official website. 

Here’s a look at what product types authorized retail cannabis stores and OCS.ca will be offering:


Cannabis chocolate bars/squares, cookies, mints and gummies


The following brands have submitted edibles to OCS for sale: Tokyo Smoke, Dixie, Aurora Drift, Foray and San Rafael 71


OCS.ca will offer edibles for between $7 and $14.


Teabags, flavoured soda and sparkling water


The following brands have submitted edibles to OCS for sale: Tweed, Haven St and Houseplant


OCS.ca will offer beverages for between $4 and $10



The following brands have submitted vapes to OCS for sale: Aurora, San Rafael ‘71, RIFF, Solei, Good Supply, dosist, Foray, Kolab, Tweed, LBS, Van der pop, TWD, Tokyo Smoke, FIGR, Edison, Trailblazer and Redecan


OCS.ca will offer vape products for between $25 and $125.


Creams, Bath salts and Body butter


The following brands have submitted topicals to OCS for sale: 48 North, Earth Dragon, United Greeneries and CBD Acres


OCS.ca will offer topicals for between $15 and $55.


Shatter, Wax, Rosin, Kief, and Hash


The following brands have submitted extracts to OCS for sale: Fireside and Canna Farms


OCS.ca will offer concentrates for between $30 and $70


New accessories will be available for purchase on OCS.ca that are intended to be used with extracts and vapes, such as dab rigs, concentrate storage containers, rehydrating stones and batteries.


The following brands have submitted products to OCS for sale: JUJU Power, Tokyo Smoke LUMA, FIGR, Pulsar, Dewbie and PAX Labs


OCS.ca will offer these new accessories for between $2 to $170

All photos and info courtesy of OCS.ca

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