Ontarians fear looming increase of impaired driving this winter


As Ontarians prepare for the winter months, many feel added concern when it comes to driving.

A recent study hosted on the Angus Reid Forum found the perceived increased risk of impaired driving was a significant concern for many respondents.

With fewer people utilizing public transit and ride-sharing services due to the fear of contracting COVID-19, 40 per cent of Ontarians expect an increase in impaired driving.

“We know that alcohol and cannabis use affect your ability to drive safely and increases your risk of getting into a crash,” Alex Kelly, safety ambassador for Onlia Holding Inc., said in a news release.

“As a result of social distancing and provincially mandated restrictions, motorists and hosts celebrating at home need a reminder that a relaxed attitude about driving impaired, as an alternative to taking public transportation, is not an option," she continued.

Additionally, 34 per cent were unaware that a party's host is responsible for ensuring their guests do no drive while impaired.

“Many don’t realize that they may be responsible for their guests’ actions if they serve people past the point of intoxication on their property,” Kelly said.

“Onlia is reminding hosts that if they choose to have people over this holiday season, to respect public health guidelines, and also ensure that guests have a safe ride home," she continued.

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