Ontarians Are Boycotting a Winery Endorsed by Doug Ford


An Ontario winery that Doug Ford endorsed is facing some backlash due to its president’s donations.

Ford recently endorsed Pelee Island Winery in a video he posted to Twitter:

However, public reports revealed that weeks before the post, the president of the winery, Walter Schmoranz, donated a collective $2,000 to the Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party this year.

According to Election Ontario Schmoranz donated $1,000 on July 12, and $1,000 on February 26. 

Many residents have taken to Twitter with , voicing their anger with both the winery and Ford.

Some, however, still showed their support for the winery and Ford.

Ford’s press secretary claims he was unaware of the donations during the creation of the video, and he often promotes small businesses.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

Cover photo courtesy of Doug Ford’s Twitter

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