One of the best spots for parents to have fun with their kids in Mississauga

Published February 7, 2024 at 12:33 pm

Adventure HUB at Hub Climbing is of the best spots for parents to have fun with their kids in Mississauga, Ontario

One of Mississauga’s newest entertainment centres, Adventure HUB, is also one of the best for family fun that kids and parents can enjoy together.

Located inside the popular Hub Climbing centre at 3636 Hawkestone Rd. Mississauga, Ontario, Adventure HUB is an interactive experience for all-ages. It’s a fun, adventure filled centre which helps individuals, and families build connections, skills, and confidence.

The centre boasts a wide selection of thrilling activities and challenges, such as their fun climbing walls and augmented reality games. Combined with the semi-private party room complete with food and a dedicated party host, Adventure HUB makes a great venue for family outings, birthday parties, celebrations, and other fun events.

The centre emphasizes a safe, memorable experience where parents can be part of the action just as much as the kids. The friendly staff fit each child into a harness and show parents how to connect the harness to the auto belay, which slowly lowers climbers back down after the climb.

Here are all the must-try attractions that visitors will find at Adventure HUB:

Crate Challenge: For those who want to build their very own climbing walls, they’ll find the experience they’re looking for with the Crate Challenge. It gives you the freedom to build the climbing wall of your dreams, as tall or as challenging as you want to make it.

Fun Walls: These unique themed walls are one of Adventure HUB’s biggest fan favourites. Climbers can take their pick of the rope ladders, colourful Tetris wall, firetruck, and do even wackier things like climb up a dinosaur or try to balance on spinning gears.

Beanstalk: Climb up a 26-foot-tall beanstalk with challenging obstacles that will have you feeling like Jack from the fairy tale.

Speedwall: For the speedy and competitive climbers, ascend up the Speedwall as fast as possible and challenge your friends to beat your time.

Augmented Reality Climbing: The centre’s high-tech augmented reality turns already fun climbing into a fully immersive experience – for example, navigate around the simulated “live wires” to get to your target point!

The Skyscraper: Unleash your inner King Kong as you jump from building to building, with the goal of climbing the highest skyscraper in the city.

Drop Slide: One of the most exhilarating challenges in the centre, the Drop Slide sends you hurtling down almost like a freefall. It’s a must-try for the most courageous visitors.

Giant Jump: This challenge will have you feel like you’re flying — take a massive leap through the air and aim for the trapeze bar or punching bag.

Every visit to Adventure HUB makes for a great time, especially if you’re planning a party. Every party includes a 30-minute orientation and fitting to ensure the kids are ready to have a fun and safe experience, then one hour of climbing and one hour of enjoying food and drinks in the party room.

Additionally, every child gets two tries of the Super Challenges: one try of the Giant Jump and one try of the Drop Slide.

The centre is a popular spot and tends to get busy, so save time by booking online before visiting.

Adventure HUB is a fairly new addition to Mississauga’s climbing scene. It’s located at Hub Climbing, a massive 30,500 sq. ft. climbing gym which remains one of the biggest and best in the GTA for climbers looking for fun challenges and a thrilling experience.

For more info on everything Adventure HUB has to offer, visit their website and follow Hub Climbing on Instagram.

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