One of Mississauga’s Best Known Nightclubs Closes Down


If you were planning a big night out at long-standing nightlife hotspot My Apartment, you might want to choose an alternate destination.

At least for now.

The near-legendary nightclub, which has been entertaining partygoers for years, recently shuttered its doors.

But don't worry—the Brunel Road space won't remain vacant for long.

The popular nightclub is being replaced by the incoming Central Nightclub, a top 40-style establishment that will provide local club crawlers with a modern and rejuvenated interior, more affordable drinks and a friendlier, more relaxed atmosphere.

We'll be opening in three weeks from now," says Central Nightclub owner Sabry Amar. "We're looking at Sept. 30 and we're in full construction mode."

Amar says partiers can expect to hear the same top 40 music they once enjoyed at My Apartment (so if you love dancing to the latest radio-friendly hip-hop, fear not, your Drake tunes aren't going anywhere). The main difference, he says, will be the look and feel.

"We want to give it a fresh, young and artistic look," he says. "We're going to have one of the largest women's bathrooms you've seen with French sofas and mirrors."

Amar also said that famous graffiti artist Arturo "Duro The Third" Parada will be designing parts of the exterior and interior. If you're not familiar with his name, perhaps you've admired his work at Toronto's popular Brooklynn Bar.

Ultimately, Amar says he and his team are trying to create a place that is, above all else, fun.  

"We're trying to be a cool place with no attitude and good staff," he says.

Amar also says that, since going out is getting more expensive, the new club will offer patrons more affordable drinks.

"We'll keep drinks at about $5-6," he says.

The club, which Amar hopes will give people a reason to stay in Mississauga, will continue to offer the free parking that My Apartment customers were accustomed to. Club goers can also expect a diverse crowd with people of all ages.

As far DJs go, Amar says guests can expect to dance to a set spun by Z 103's DJ Danny D on Saturday nights.

The owners are also hiring, so anyone interested working at the club might want to contact the owners for more info.

"My Apartment has had great success," Amar says. "We're trying to make [Central] good for everyone, we want to make sure we have no attitude. When you go out, you want to relax. If going out is a hassle, what's the point?"

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