One-of-a-Kind Bakery Opens First Mississauga Location

Mississauga is known for a lot of things, and its varied and diverse food scene—one comprised of restaurants representing cuisines from all over the world—is widely considered one of its best and most exciting features.

And while there's no lack of delectable Middle Eastern hotspots in the city, there's always room for one more—especially when it's a family-owned and run bakery and grill that offers customers something they can't get anywhere else.

Libat St., which recently opened up in the bustling Dixie and Eglinton area, is providing Mississauga residents with freshly baked and authentic Lebanese cuisine—something it began delivering to its loyal customers when it was first established in Scarborough in 1991.

Almost 20 years ago, Challal Bakery (which has operated as Liban St. since relocating from Scarborough 10 months ago) began wowing its customers with its fresh and flavourful Lebanese cuisine.

"Liban St is a family run business and most of the family members help out with the business," says the Mansour family, adding that the operators decided to give the bakery a brand new name and look.

For years, food has been incredibly important to the Mansour family.

The Mansour family says their parents spent 50 years in the foodservice industry, having run a bakery in Lebanon before relocating and setting up Challal in the east-end Toronto suburb.

As for what's on the menu, Liban St.'s menu is inspired by Lebanese cuisine and Lebanese baked goods. Some menu items include fresh-made fatteh, manakeesh, knafeh (a traditional Lebanese dessert), baklava, fatayer (mini-pies), hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, kafta, BBQ beef, shish tawouk and more.

What food do people gravitate to the most?

"Our manakeesh, which is a famous flatbread, is our best-seller," says the family.

Looking at the incredible array of manakeesh options on the menu, one can see why. Some options on Liban St.'s menu? Zaatar (thyme mixed with sesame seed and olive oil), cheese, cheese and zaatar, cheese and sujuk (Middle Eastern spicy sausage), spinach, beef, beef and cheese and kishek (dried yogurt).

"We also offer bring our own 'Your Mix, Our Dough' service, which is something really unique and not a lot of Middle Eastern places offer it," the family says.

How does it work?

Customers are invited to bring in their own homemade mix of spinach, meat, cheese or any other mix they desire and Liban St. provides its famous dough. Operators say it's an initiative that customers have loved for 25 years.

"Our 'Your Mix, Our Dough' feature has been around for a long time and it's really popular in Lebanon. The best part is that people can bring their own mix and we can make it into any size pastry they want."

As for what else keeps people coming back, the Mansour family says customers love how fresh the offerings are.

"We make everything fresh. We use fresh ingredients and each order is made fresh to order."

So, what prompted the family to move from Scarborough to Mississauga?

"We chose to open the Mississauga location to continue the family legacy and to expand the family business into a newer community," the family says.

The new bakery has been earning rave reviews from local diners who say that Liban St's offerings are a true taste of home.

"So far we have heard nothing but positive reviews from people and a lot of them say that our food and dough reminds them of Lebanon," the Mansour family says, adding that people especially love the iconic dough and the attentive service.

And while customers have been happily frequenting Liban St. for its sweet and savoury offerings, not everyone knows that the bakery is the perfect breakfast destination. In fact, Liban St. is currently promoting its traditional breakfast, which includes a variety of manakeesh, foul, fatteh, hummus and falafel with tea.

Another bonus? The bakery also offers catering service, so it's more than worth visiting if you're interested in feeding a larger group of people at a party or other special gathering.

Will you be visiting Liban St. for some legendary manakeesh soon?

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