One Mississauga school and one daycare have confirmed COVID-19 cases


According to a new Ontario government website that tracks COVID-19 cases in schools and childcare centres, two institutions in Mississauga have confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.  

The website, which was last updated on Sept. 11 at 9:30 am, provides a summary of COVID-19 activity in publicly-funded Ontario schools.

According to the website, Briarwood Public School confirmed a recent case of COVID-19 amongst a staff member

In a letter to staff and families, Principal Tanis Mcneely said the affected person was in the building on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

In the letter, Mcneely said the school has been cleaned several times since Sept. 1.

According to the Ontario government's website, the Kids Zone Childcare Centre has recorded two cases of COVID-19—one in a staff member and one in a child. 

The province says that an outbreak may be declared at a school or childcare centre when there are two or more laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in students, staff or other visitors with an epidemiological link within a 14-day period, or in cases where at least one person could have been infected in the school (including on a school bus or in before or after school care). 

Schools are reopening in phases and will be open by Sept. 21, 2020.

The website says 13 schools have reported cases so far. 

No schools are closed due to outbreaks at this time.

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