Old Mills along the Credit River


The lazy course of the Credit River today belies its importance to the early development of Peel County. The establishment of mills, particularly saw and grist mills, often marked the beginning of a community and provided the impetus for growth.

Mills were the backbone of early industry, economy and settlement. Mills fulfilled a practical need in the life of early settlers as places to grind grain, cut wood, or weave cloth.

By 1851, approximately 60 mills were operating along the Credit River. Two operating mills remain today in Streetsville, while most of the mills have vanished, leaving little evidence, and few photographs, behind.

Blain-Dracass Mill, Streetsville, c1920

Former Toronto Woollen Mills, Barberton, c1900

Hyde’s Ontario Mills and Ker’s Bobbin Factory, Streetsville, c1900

Hyde’s Ontario Mills, Streetsville, c1900

McGill Flour Mill, Racey Tract, Credit River, Erindale, c1870

Meadowvale Mill, c1930

Meadowvale Mill, c1910

Meadowvale Mill, c1925

Street-Blain Mill, along Credit River, Streetsville, c1900

Timothy Street Mill Complex and House, Streetsville, c1910

All images are courtesy of Heritage Mississauga.

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