OFL believes more needs to be done by Ontario to protect workers amid pandemic


The Ontario Federation go Labour (OFL) believes the Province has neglected workers with the first steps of Ontario’s 2020 Action Plan.

“There are not enough protections for workers in this action plan,” Patty Coates, OFL president, said in a news release.
“Decent work must be legislated. Health and safety must not be left to the whim of individual employers. Instead, there should be support for all Ontarians battling this crisis,” she continued.

Coates believes the Plan fails to allow low-wage and precarious workers to stay home if they feel sick without having to face financial hardship.

“This plan needed to focus on the safety of all workers, and the health and well-being of everyone in this province,” she added.

The OFL attributes the lack of available resources for Ontarians to the fact that Ontario has spent the least amount of money on public services per person of any province.

“This government has wasted billions by cancelling the cap-and-trade program, green energy contracts, and paying for costly court cases, while they should have been investing in public services,” said Coates.

Coates is urging the Province to provide Ontarians with a livable income that will allow families to pay their bills, and still have enough to pay for food.

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