Officials looking into a large pile of debris seen in Mississauga


Published August 14, 2023 at 2:58 pm

debris mississauga
Photos courtesy of Michael A Heidebrecht

A large pile of debris was spotted in Mississauga last week but officials won’t say much about it.

The debris was seen from the air while a new resident was photographing the sunflower garden near Hydro Road and Lakeshore Road in Lakeview.

It is not clear if the debris is garbage, or as some have speculated, connected to a homeless encampment. Some people wanted to organize and clean it up.

“This insane amount of trash I would personally go clean it but I know it more than a day worth of cleaning and trash bags won’t cut it,” said Michael A Heidebrecht in his post to Facebook.

Heidebrecht said he took the photos on Thursday (Aug. 10).

A City of Mississauga spokesperson told that staff members went down to Lakeview Park and the surrounding areas but didn’t find evidence of an encampment.

But staff will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action if needed, the spokesperson said.

The councillor for the area, Stephen Dasko said the pile of debris came to his attention last week and staff are working on it.

Dasko didn’t have any further information on where the debris came from.

debris mississauga

Debris was spotted from the air in Lakeview. Photo courtesy of Michael A Heidebrecht

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