Oakville subdivision for older adults moves forward


Published March 22, 2023 at 3:45 pm

Oakville Town Council unanimously approved the plan for Peppergate Subdivision to be constructed near the corner of 1258 Rebecca St. HALTON REGION PHOTOS

A proposed rental housing project for older adults in Oakville took another major step forward at a Planning and Development meeting this week.

Town Council unanimously approved the plan for Peppergate Subdivision to be located near the corner of 1258 Rebecca St., east of Woodside Dr. and west of Sandwell Dr. adjacent to Woodside Public Library.

The application will permit the construction of 14 semi-detached dwelling units along with three single-detached lots for future development.

Both are subject to site-specific zoning provisions

Council approved the rezoning of a portion of the lands to allow for the development of the three future single-detached dwellings along the northeast corner of Rebecca St.

It also allowed to rezone the remaining portion of the lands for the development of semi-detached bungalow dwellings to be used as an independent living community with supports.

A statutory public meeting was held last year and during the review process, key considerations included tree preservation, transit connectivity, traffic controls for Rebecca St. and Warminster Dr. and the inclusion of private garages and pedestrian walkways.

“The proposal has been refined and improved through standard review process,” said Oakville Town Planner Colin Westerhof.

The next step for Halton Region is to subdivide the land and a site plan control application.

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