Oakville residents advised not to approach recently identified coyote den and pups

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Published May 12, 2021 at 4:04 pm

A coyote den and pups were recently identified in Oakville and the Town is advising the public not to approach them.

According to the Town’s Twitter page, the den and pups were located in the area of Trafalgar Rd. and Glenashton Dr.

While seeing a coyote in Oakville is not necessarily a cause for concern, they are known to be more active in the spring due to it being their denning and pupping season.

For this reason, the Town of Oakville continues to encourage its residents to report sightings of them within the town.

“If you spot a coyote, please report it by using our online Coyote Reporting Form,” said the Town on Twitter.

Although coyotes are naturally wary of humans, they will seek food and shelter in residential neighbourhoods when the opportunity arises. It’s important to remember never to feed coyotes which can cause them to become too familiar with humans and lead to aggressive behaviour.

While coyotes do a great deal of good for ecosystems, they are by nature, predators. They have been known to hunt small animals in neighbourhoods which can include cats and small dogs in extreme cases.

Due to the fact that coyotes can view pets as a threat to their territory, residents are reminded never to leave their pets unattended, especially at night, even in a fenced backyard.

For more information on how to protect yourself from coyotes in Halton, click here.

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