Oakville, Burlington, Milton drivers hang on a day to fill up your vehicles


Published March 29, 2022 at 10:06 am

gas prices
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Oakville, Burlington and Milton residents may want to hold off on that trip to the gas station Tuesday if you can.

Filling up the gas tank on Wednesday instead will cost you a lot less with gas prices expected to fall nine cents per litre according to gas analyst Dan McTeague, President of the Canadians for Affordable Energy.

Regular gas prices will tumble in Oakville, Burlington and Milton to 168.9 a litre, while drop to 196.9 a litre for premium.

Diesel prices will drop a whopping 13 cents to 194.9 a litre.

The biggest price drop in Canada will be in Quebec City where the cost of filling up is down 10 cents to 175.9 for regular gas.

Residents in Sudbury will be paying the highest price in Ontario at 182.9 a litre for regular gas, with prices only dropping 3.2 cents.

The cheapest place to fill up in the province will be Cornwall, where the cost per litre will run 166.9.


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