Numbers show the gym industry might not ever recover in Mississauga, Brampton and beyond


Published March 24, 2021 at 11:38 pm


Are you planning on returning to the gym anytime soon in Mississauga and Brampton?

A recent survey from RunRepeat found that many Canadians have stopped going to the gym and don’t intend to return even when they are able.

According to the findings, only 15.32 per cent of Canadians have returned to the gym, while 84.68 per cent have not yet done so.

Of those who haven’t returned to the gym, 43.62 per cent of plan on doing so only after they have been vaccinated, while 28.72 per cent do not intend to return even after being vaccinated, and 27.66 per cent do plan on returning to the gym, but only after they and their family and friends are vaccinated.

Further, many Canadians have taken the time during the pandemic to reevaluate their need for a gym membership—33.33 per cent of respondents reported having paused their gym membership, while 32.88 reported having canceled their membership altogether.

Moreover, the majority of those who have canceled their membership do not intend on going back, even after getting vaccinated.

Of those who cancelled their membership, 42.47 per cent said they don’t plan to get a new gym membership after getting vaccinated, while 28.77 per cent do, and 28.77 per cent do after they and their friends and family get vaccinated.

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