No integrity probe for West Lincoln councillor who was in Ottawa with “Freedom Convoy”


Published February 23, 2022 at 4:39 pm

West Lincoln Councillor Harold Jonker, shown here being interviewed by the Toronto Sun, won't face an integrity commissioner after his prolonged absence to attend the Ottawa "Freedom Convoy" protests.

West Lincoln’s seven-person council overwhelming shot down an attempt to have Ward 2 Councillor Harold Jonker’s participation in the “Freedom Convoy” protest in Ottawa investigated by the town’s integrity commissioner.

The request for the probe came from Ward 3 councillors Cheryl Gannan and William Reilly, asking if Jonker’s actions had violated the council’s code of conduct policy. The council voted 5-2 against the probe.

Jonker, who claimed to drive the first truck into Ottawa for the three-week protests, was also joined in the nation’s capital by West Lincoln Mayor Dave Blysma.

When one of Harold Jonker’s trucks was towed on
Sunday, Reilly
was quick to post it on Twitter.

While there, Jonker became a right-wing media darling, giving numerous interviews to the Toronto Sun, Fox News and several other outlets.

Both Gannan and Reilly wanted Jonker’s behaviour investigated with Reilly claiming the truck company owner had missed at least four committee meetings with his prolonged absence, having landed in Ottawa on February 4.

Blysma, who again was also at the Ottawa protest, told a media outlet that Jonker was neither charged nor fined by the Ottawa Police for attending the protest. Below is a Jonker interview with a Real America’s Voice online news outlet.

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