Niagara Region selects Ron Tripp as permanent Chief Administrative Officer


Published September 30, 2021 at 12:58 pm

After what it called an “exhaustive competitive search,” Niagara Regional Council appointed Ron Tripp as the new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) yesterday (September 29).

In fairness, Tripp may have had one small leg up on the competition. He’s been Niagara’s acting CAO since 2018 after the region ousted his controversial predecessor Carmen D’Angelo. So he comes to the job with some experience, one could say.

That said, the selection committee of councillors Robert Foster, Diana Huson, Wayne Redekop, Albert Witteveen and Regional Chair Jim Bradley had to tread purposely and carefully since the hiring of D’Angelo in 2016 was surrounded by allegations of impropriety in the selection process.

Regardless of his previous experience as acting CAO, Tripp comes with a solid pedigree, being the Region’s Commissioner of Public Works before his shift upstairs in 2018. That position is generally considered second highest (thus second hardest) in the municipal bureaucratic hierarchy after CAO.

As part of the selection team, Bradley was happy with their choice, saying, “Over the last three years, Ron has proven himself to be a competent, dynamic and committed leader as our Acting Chief Administrative Officer. This is particularly remarkable considering the unprecedented challenges that were brought forward by the global pandemic.”

Since the process had to clearly be more accountable this time, Bradley added, “While our transparent recruitment process was highly competitive, I believe Ron’s track record as a creative, resourceful and ethical leader helped to set him apart from other candidates.”

Tripp, for his part, seemed ready to continue the job he’s already been doing for three years.

Since it was important for the selection committee to pick someone permanent, Tripp said he was happy with “the stability and confidence that this decision represents for the Niagara Region team. While the pandemic has brought its challenges to all parts of the Region, I am excited to continue working with our incredibly talented staff and Regional Council to make Niagara a better place to live, work and play.”

(Below photo of Ron Tripp getting one of his two vaccinations courtesy of Niagara Health)

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