Niagara Region has now passed over 600 COVID-19 deaths


Published August 29, 2022 at 1:40 pm

If you haven't had your booster shots yet, get them ASAP. If you do catch COVID-19, it could be the difference between just a nasty flu-like cold or hospitalization.

Again, as a warning to Niagara residents who believe the COVID-19 crisis has passed. The region is a couple of days away from seeing the third-worst month for virus deaths since it began.

Niagara hit an ugly milestone on the weekend, hitting 602 confirmed COVID-19 deaths reported by public health since the pandemic began in March 2020.

August started with 568 COVID-19 deaths and at this point, crossed the 600 threshold.

The only months that were worse in Niagara for deaths was January 2022, which reported 36 deaths, and February 2021 where 56 residents died. That figure was before the vaccines were widely available.

At the moment, there are an estimated 1,000 active cases in Niagara. In the last four weeks, 87 Niagara residents were hospitalized with 10 admitted to the ICU..

Why it’s important to wait a few days when the region posts new numbers. To the left, it’s the two-week count posted on August 17, to the right, the two-week tallies on August 29. The last two bars on the left are August 16 and 17, listed as 51 and 12 new cases. The first two bars on the right, also August 16 and 17, showing 64 and 85 new cases. Note how both numbers have changed dramatically.

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