Niagara Police to descend on St. Catharines university campus for training


Published May 10, 2023 at 4:56 pm

The Niagara Police will be doing training exercises in and around the training exercises in and around Arnie Lowenberger Residence on Brock’s St. Catharines campus tomorrow.

The Niagara Police will be swarming the St. Catharines campus of Brock University tomorrow (May 11) but students shouldn’t panic that it’s some huge bust.

The police will be doing joint training exercises in and around Arnie Lowenberger Residence and said, “The Brock community can expect to see a heavy police presence on campus during the exercises.”

Interestingly enough, the exercises fell in the middle of the school’s Emergency Preparedness Week which ran from Sunday, May 7 right up to Saturday, May 13.

To mark the national event, which this year carries the theme of “Be Prepared, Know Your Risks,” the university is encouraging the Brock community to take action to become better prepared for a range of potential emergencies.

In fact, the university will conduct its own emergency training exercise on Friday (May 12), the day after the police leave.

During the week, Brock reminded its students, staff and faculty that a few simple actions can make a big difference when it comes to emergency response:

  • Know the risks: Although the consequences of a disaster can be similar, knowing risks related to a specific community can help its members better prepare. For example, some areas may be subject to flooding conditions or other weather-related events.
  • Make a plan: This will help individuals, members of their family and/or coworkers respond effectively.
  • Prepare an emergency kit: Consider basic supplies that may be required (including access to cash funds in the event of a failure related to technology) and remember that individuals should be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours during an emergency.

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