Niagara Police say the student that posted warning of stabbing threats was a 14-year-old


Published April 21, 2022 at 11:08 am

With some help from the public, likely high school students, the Niagara Police found the person who had posted information about potential stabbings in Niagara area high schools.

The post, which caused general commotion among the student population, caught the attention of the police yesterday (April 20).

Niagara Police tracked down the original poster, who turned out to be a a 14-year-old high school student. He told police that he had heard the rumours from a friend, a 16-year-old high school student.

After interviewing both, the police believe it’s all a matter of “unsubstantiated rumour.” No arrests were made.

“At this time, there remains no substantiated threat to members of the public, teachers, and students within our educational institutions,” said the police.

That said, the matter is not dropped. Detectives from 3 District (Welland-Port Colborne) will continue to investigate the matter with members of their Cyber Crime Unit.

However, they cautioned people, particularly teenagers, to post a little more judiciously. “While social media can be an excellent tool for immediate and widespread dissemination of critical information, it can also have an adverse effect when the information is not verified.”

But at the same time, they suggested police should be alerted over serious concerns. “When weighing the legitimacy of information seen on social media, members of the public are encouraged to seek out official sources such as the Niagara Regional Police Service.”

Anyone with information that may further this investigation is encouraged to contact detectives at 905-688-4111, option 3, extension #1023300.

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