Niagara Parks Police seize plates, yank four motorcycles off the road


Published August 23, 2023 at 10:23 am

A spot-check on a "large group of motorcycles" driving on the Niagara Parkway saw the Niagara Parks Police seize two licence plates and take four motorcycles right off the road. (Photo: Niagara Parks Police)

While the Niagara Parks Police didn’t say how many motorcycles were involved during a massive spot-check on August 19, they were pretty clear how many were yanked off the road.

Saying only that they pulled over “a large group of motorcycles” heading southbound on the Niagara Parkway, two licence plates were seized by the force and four motorcycles were taken right off the road.

Beyond that, 11 tickets were also issued by a number of Highway Traffic Act infractions.

Police say that the group of motorcycles were heading south towards the Fort Erie area from Clifton Hill and that many had “clearly visible plate violations.”

By the end of the traffic stop, the police:

• Seized two license plates
• Removed four motorcycles from the roadway for various traffic related offences

However, there were more tickets forthcoming, including:

• Driving while under suspension
• Driving a motor vehicle with no plates
• Obstructed plate
• Using a plate not authorized for vehicle
• Driving a motor vehicle with no valid permit
• Driver failing to surrender a licence
• Driving a motor vehicle with an improper licence
• Owner operating a motor vehicle without insurance
• Failing to surrender an insurance card

“We know that the Niagara River Parkway can be a scenic and beautiful place to safely ride a motorcycle,” said the Niagara Parks Police, “but riders need to obey Ontario traffic laws and be aware of other traffic, pedestrians and wildlife.”

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