Niagara Falls MPP says it’s clear the provincial government did ‘nothing’ during time-off


Published October 6, 2021 at 3:45 pm

When Doug Ford prorogued the government for nearly a month to presumably avoid the federal election on September 20, the opposition parties screamed foul ball.

Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates said yesterday (October 5) that with all the parties back to Queen’s Park this week, one thing is apparent.

The NDP member said it was clear the government accomplished little to nothing after hearing the Throne Speech on Monday.

“Given how much time they had (off),it’s actually impressive how badly this throne speech failed the people of Niagara and the people of Ontario,” said Gates.

He added that despite the longest summer break of his reign, the government’s return speech “had no mention of actually building the new Niagara Falls Hospital, no mention of a new round of funding for Niagara businesses, no mention of addressing the closure of childcare centres in Niagara, no mention of hiring the extra nurses and PSWs we desperately need, no mention of repealing Bill 124, no mention of covering PSA testing under OHIP, no mention of funding to make schools safer and on and on.”

Gates made it clear he hopes next year’s provincial election sees a change in government.

“Let’s get the Legislature back so the MPPs can do the job our Premier refuses to do, no matter how time he’s given,” said Gates.

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