Niagara Falls MPP calls PC fund-raising invoice ‘a new low’

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Published August 19, 2021 at 3:45 pm


The recent fund-raising letter sent out to Conversative faithful is ruffling some feathers at Queen’s Park.

The issue is the letter is styled up as an “invoice” but that has Opposition members concerned that seniors or the vulnerable might believe they owe money to the government.

Count Wayne Gates, the NDP member for Niagara Falls-NOTL-Fort Erie, among the unimpressed.

“This is a new low,” he said bluntly.

“For years we’ve been fighting to put an end to these same types of scams from telemarketing hustlers convincing seniors they owe money that they don’t,” he fumed.

“Sending this out and tricking people into believing they owe money to the PCs when so many people are already financially struggling through the pandemic is just the definition of scamming.”

Gates said the NDP has reached out to Elections Ontario asking about the legality of this “but if you have anyone ask, please let them know they don’t owe the PC party one dime. In fact, the PC party should be grateful for any donations they receive during this time instead of feeling entitled to people’s money.”

Taras Natyshak, the MPP of Essex, also in the NDP, was, in fact, the member that reached out to Elections Ontario, whose only response so far is that they do not get involved with fund-raising issues.

In a letter, Natyshak pointed out that the letter attached to the “invoice” is signed by Tony Miele, chair of the PC Ontario Fund, and it instructs recipients to “please pay the enclosed invoice” in bolded, capital letters towards the bottom of the letter.

Natyshak continued, “It is deeply concerning that the Premier would authorize a fundraising letter created to deliberately confuse or alarm vulnerable individuals into a donation to his campaign.”

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