Niagara Falls MPP blasts Poilievre for calling Niagara Falls home a ‘shack’


Published July 20, 2023 at 1:05 pm

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre called a Niagara Falls home a "shack” and gave out its address in a speech yesterday. That didn't sit well with Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates.

When Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre called a local home a “shack” in a speech given at Niagara Falls yesterday (July 19), it didn’t take long for Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates to put him on blast.

“These comments from Mr. Poilievre about homes in my community are disgusting and show just how out of touch he is. The Conservative Party, both here in Ontario and across the country, has zero plan to address the housing crisis and build affordable housing,” said Gates, who also has Niagara-on-the-Lake and Fort Erie in his riding.

“The (Ontario) Conservatives’ plan is giveaways to rich, well-connected developers and tearing up the Greenbelt, while people across Ontario and the country struggle with affording rent or buying homes. We need real action on building affordable housing.”

Poilievre was trying to make a point about the difference in housing costs in Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York, but also gave the address of the house in his speech.

Poilievre said, “It costs $550,000 Canadian for a tiny little shack” before giving out the house’s address.

That lead one media outlet to the home where they talked to Asha Letourneau, who currently rents it.

“He called it a shack. A shack. That was a little embarrassing also because it’s not,” she told them. “It’s not the greatest house on the street but it’s definitely not a shack.”

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