Niagara Falls mayor’s salary equals one-third of total council cost


Published March 21, 2023 at 2:47 pm

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, centre, stands outside chambers with, from left, Councillors Wayne Campbell, Mike Strange, Lori Lococo, Tony Baldinelli, Victor Pietrangelo, Wayne Thomson, Mona Patel and Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg.

When the issue of 2022 remuneration comes to Niagara Falls City Council tonight (March 21), one name will stand out well above the others.

In 2022, Mayor Jim Diodati saw a total salary of $166,162.44 – slightly more than a third of the total of $489,437.15 paid out to both him and the eight city councillors.

Granted, while it does seem lopsided, there is a reason for that. The mayor’s position is the only one deemed full-time.

Most of the other councillors’ job are considered part-time and accordingly, most have careers outside of City Hall.

As well, even a cursory glance at Diodati’s social media shows the mayor’s job is seven days a week, as he visits businesses – both long-time or just-opened, celebrates significant birthdays and anniversaries of Niagara Falls residents, attends local associations’ meetings, takes part of countless TV interviews and is basically the year-round face of a world-renowned city.

Of Diodati’s 2022 remuneration total, $118,288.04 is base salary, $150 is committee pay, $28,103.51 is benefits and $19,620.89 is office and personal expenses. He – and several others – also collects $4,800 as a member of the Niagara Falls Hydro Holding Corporation.


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