Niagara Falls Mayor says time for Marineland to shift away from animals


Published May 23, 2023 at 2:10 pm

Two days before protestors lined the road leading to Marineland’s season opening on May 20, the Niagara Falls mayor gave an interview saying it was time for the park to phase out the animals.

Jim Diodati told CBC Hamilton on May 18 that it was time to “move right away from animals.”

Diodati is hoping the amusement park portion of Marineland, already chockful of rides, can stay on in an attempt to shift towards a Canada’s Wonderland type of park.

Even after acknowledging the marine parks has been a “huge economic generator” in his city, he added that it was clear the public is looking for changes.

Even after the recent death of a bottlenose dolphin and a beluga whale, the park has remained mum, leaving the announcement of their passing to the Ontario Solicitor General.

In 2021, Marineland was charged criminally by the Niagara Police after Animal Justice filed a complaint, saying dolphins were being forced to perform for entertainment despite a national ban.

Marineland countered that their dolphin shows were educational in nature.

Those charges were stayed by the court in December 2022.

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