Niagara Falls man’s week started quietly then got very loudly nuts on Big Brother Canada


Published April 3, 2023 at 4:14 pm

Niagara Falls contestant Dan Szabo donned some funky garb as the host for a croquet ball challenge for Head of Household on Week Four of the TV show, "Big Brother Canada." (Screengrab: Global TV)

The week started quietly on the TV show Big Brother Canada for Niagara Falls contestant Dan Szabo. However, by the end of Week Four, he nearly got caught up in one of the most bizarre power-plays ever.

The simple truth is he had no idea of the enormity of events going on all around him in the house during the most tumultuous eviction episode ever seen. We’ll get to that in a minute.

He started the week as the outgoing Head of Household (HoH) hosting an incredibly difficult competition for the next HoH that didn’t rely on strength, endurance or even intellect. No, this one depended completely on luck.

Contestants had to create a croquet ball path using slats of wood that they balanced on a beam. Once the pieces were in place, they tried whacking the ball across to the wicket at the far end. Of course, if the ball veered slightly to the left or right, it hit the ground below as the wooden slats tumbled.

In the end, Kuzie Mujakachi, a 29-year-old 911 operator from Victoria, B.C. won the contest, becoming the HoH and shortly thereafter, “Queen Kuzie.” The name fit as she had a very regal no-nonsense quality during her week in charge.

The balance of the week was very quiet for Szabo until the end. Unbeknownst to him, two players – Ottawa’s Zach Neilson and Toronto’s Ty McDonald – were creating controversy trying to get Milton’s Hope Agbolosoo ejected from the game.

Agbolosoo’s crime? He had inadvertently brought in a letter from his girlfriend, cheering him on. He discovered it on Day Two but didn’t report it. This issue here is that contestants who win HoH get letters from home so it’s a cherished prize.

Neilson reported Agboloso, who, in turn, had to turn the letter in to the producers. Neilson and McDonald, who had been played a behind-the-scenes control game thus far, assumed he’d get the boot. It didn’t play out that way.

Not only was Agboloso only lightly reprimanded – his vote for eviction and a chance to play for HoH were taken away for the week – to balance the scales, the producers gave all the remaining players a letter from home.

This is where Szabo got sucked in. Neilson and McDonald were so ‘incensed’ by the decision, they threatened to walk and included Szabo in their three-man protest, clearly hoping to force the producers to eject Agboloso.

The problem was Szabo had no idea what they were talking about as they hadn’t told him any of their scheme. The pair were brazen and arrogant enough to think if they told Szabo he was leaving with them, he actually would. Of course, with $100,000 on the line, Szabo backed away from the pair at lightning speed.

The episode was explosive with a screaming match between Neilson and “Queen Kozie,” who knew all about the pair’s dirty back-room scheming, and ended with Neilson self-evicting after he had been thrown on the eviction block. McDonald backed down and stayed in the house, no doubt with his name sullied beyond redemption at this point.

With Week Five coming up, it remains to be seen how tarnished Szabo is for his association with Neilson and McDonald, even though he was an innocent dupe who knew nothing of their plans.

This season, the episodes air Tuesday (7 pm), Wednesday (9 pm), and Thursday (7 pm) on Global-TV.

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