Niagara Falls man goes from chopping block to penthouse on ‘Big Brother Canada’


Published March 27, 2023 at 4:40 pm

Niagara Falls' DJ and music producer Dan Szabo reacts after winning last week's Head of Household on 'Big Brother Canada.' (Screenshots: Global-TV)

After dodging the chopping block in Week Two, Niagara Falls DJ and music producer Dan Szabo went from the outhouse to the penthouse on ‘Big Brother Canada.’

Szabo, 28, found his initial game of floating below the radar disrupted when Santina Carlson from Edmonton became the first Head of Household (HoH) and put him on the eviction block.

He dodged that bullet as his housemates had a different victim in mind – Bradford superfan John Michael Sosa was sent packing – but at that point, the music man decided it was time to try a polar opposite approach.

“I came into this game wanting to lay low but I was put on the block right away,” he said from the house Diary Room. “And now, I have a new strategy and that is to get power in this house. This way I can make decisions to benefit my game.”

To that end, Szabo then showed that he could be strong competition. When the fight for the season’s second HoH came up last week, contestants were forced to continually grab their colour-coded balls from a pit, climb stairs and then go down a slide, throwing their balls toward baskets with point values of 10 to 50 points.

The higher the point value, the tougher the ball was to sink, especially scooting down a slide during the throw attempt. To make matters worse, the competition went for a full hour, exhausting even the fittest of house members.

In the end, Szabo’s desire to “get power in this house” worked out beautifully with the DJ racking up 2,335 points in the competition to easily capture the season’s second HoH.

Unfortunately, once in the HoH plush bedroom, Szabo found himself under the influence of Ottawa’s Zach Neilson, the 34-year-old executive who had far too much pull in the first eviction, nudging the original HOH Carlson toward his ultimate goals.

That said, as strong a player as he is, Neilson’s time could be limited as all the others are finally realizing he’s been pulling their strings behind the scenes.

That means Szabo won’t feel any heat from his stint as HoH, which saw another strong player, Roberto Lopez, a gym manager from Toronto, backdoored out of the game, again at Neilson’s manipulations. No one blamed Szabo, not even Lopez, so the Niagara Falls DJ is bound to be safe while he and others turn their attention to the real enemy in the coming weeks.

In a diary room session, Szabo admitted that he now had doubts about Neilson and felt embarrassed at how easily he was duped. Not unusual in this game, mind you, where players are eager to opt for the safety of an alliance.

This season, the episodes air Tuesday (7 pm), Wednesday (9 pm), and Thursday (7 pm) on Global-TV.

Niagara Falls DJ and music producer Dan Szabo reacts when the scores were revealed for Head of Household and his was on the top of the list.

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