Niagara Falls man evicted from Big Brother Canada house but is now the first member of the jury


Published April 9, 2023 at 8:19 am

Niagara Falls DJ Dan Szabo talks to host Arisa Cox out the Big Brother house after being evicted. (Screenshot: Global TV)

You know when you were a youth or teenager and your mother warned you about running with a “bad crowd”?

Well, Niagara Falls DJ and music producer Dan Szabo didn’t listen to his mom because he fell in with the worst possible crowd during the filming of the TV show Big Brother Canada.

Szabo was the season’s fourth eviction with all males being ejected thus far. Two women left the game for personal reasons which, traditionally means illness with a family member.

However, Szabo did win at least win one post-game honour. He became the first member of the jury that will vote on the winner between the final two contestants.

At one point, Szabo probably thought he was doing a smart thing joining with a tough alliance of Ottawa’s Zach Neilson and Toronto’s Ty McDonald but the fact is that the house very quickly realized the control mechanism that the pair was playing behind everyone’s backs, holding far too much sway in eviction choices.

The problem with Szabo is that he really wasn’t part of their power duo but they kept him around for the extra number. Those two were in it for themselves and themselves only.

But while perhaps he played a weak social game, not really getting to know or socialize with others in the house – and the fact is he didn’t really even know the two men in his own alliance – his season did have a couple of upsides.

He was the second winner of the Head of Household (HoH) after playing an exceptionally good endurance game in a basketball/slide challenge. But even then, his week of being HoH was basically run by Neilson and McDonald, who convinced him to make moves that benefitting their game, not his.

While he had a pretty good idea of the culprit, Szabo was put on the eviction block by an invisible HoH in Week Five after Edmonton’s Santina Carlson secretly nominated him. While initially on the block with McDonald, a far superior threat, the Power of Veto (PoV) removed the Toronto man and replaced him with the much-beloved Claudia Campbell from PEI.

Up against her, Szabo’s goose was cooked and he ended up getting the boot unanimously. Now he will languish in the Jury House waiting for others to join him.

However, in his final plea to stay in the house, Szabo pointed out that he had cooked the great majority of meals in the house – apparently, he was quite the chef – and humourously asked the guests not to vote with their heads or hearts but rather their stomachs.

With their stomachs full, his pleas landed on deaf ears.

Standing next to the woman who would cause him to be evicted, Santina Carlson, Niagara Falls man Dan Szabo shows off his cooking skills early in the game.

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