Niagara Falls man evades eviction after week one of Big Brother Canada


Published March 20, 2023 at 12:35 pm

Niagara Falls DJ and music producer Dan Szabo escaped the eviction couch on Week One of Big Brother Canada. (Screenshot: Global TV)

A Niagara Falls man stay in the Big Brother Canada looked to be in jeopardy in the first week of the show.

Dan Szabo, a 28-year-old DJ and music producer, found himself on the eviction couch as a “pawn” after Santina Carlson from Edmonton became the first Head of Household (HoH).

Even though that sounds relatively safe, the truism on Big Brother is simply this: “Pawns go home!” While seldom intentionally sent packing, pawns face the precarious position of being evicted if they’re are no other options.

The only problem with Szabo’s game in Week One is that his social game, a necessary to survival on the show, was far too low-key.

Even Carlson admitted to him he was picked for the block because he hadn’t talked to her at all until she became HoH. You have to be a social butterfly chumming up to everyone in this game to make it safely through the week.

Even his pre-game profile made it sound like he’s come of the the gate in a big way, noting, “With a carefree attitude and good looks to match, Dan plans to charm everyone in the #BBCAN11 house.” Let’s face it, you have to talk to people in order to charm them.

That said, Szabo played a powerful physical game when the Power of Veto (PoV) game came around. With five contestants, he and eventual winner, Toronto’s Ty McDonald, a personal trainer, were neck-and-neck the entire way.

In the end, a young superfan, John Michael Sosa, from Bradford, Ont. was backdoored onto the chopping block and surprisingly sent home in a unanimous 11-0 vote. Sosa’s fatal mistake was telling two guys that if he became HoH, two men would be on the block.

As for Szabo, his escape from the chopping block was timely. At the end of the last episode, the remaining contestants were fighting it out to become the second HoH and an early report says Szabo won it, going from the chopping block to the king of the castle.

This season, the episodes air on Tuesday (7 pm), Wednesday (9 pm), and Thursday (7 pm) on Global-TV.

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