Niagara Falls lights up in Habs’ colours and Leafs fans lose it


Published June 15, 2021 at 2:14 pm


If you’re a die-hard hockey fan in Canada, you had to see this coming.

On June 13 from 9:30 to 10 pm, our side of Niagara Falls was backlit red, white and blue to honour the Montreal Canadiens, the sole remaining Canadian team in the NHL playoffs. This was the night before they would play (and lose 4-1 to) the Vegas Golden Knights.

That lead Twitter account Niagara Parks (@niagaraparks) to post this:

The post (thus far) quickly gained over 3,600 likes, 910 retweets and 340 quote tweets. The backlash from scorned Toronto Maple Leafs fans was immediate and oh-so-very salty. The chortling, chirping and cheers from the Habs fans on this honour from an Ontario landmark was equally predictable.

‘Peg’ noted dryly, “Yes. This is going to help them win so hard. Lit up water is so supportive.”

‘Goal Goalfilled’ was also none-too-impressed. “As an honest Leafs fan, are you serious?? Niagara Falls is part of Leafs territory. What are you guys doing? First the CN Tower, now this? That’s it, I’m no longer a Leafs fan and will never visit you guys.”

‘Blue Jays Fan’ was a little more succinct: “Please kill me.”

‘Hampyhamsy’ echoed the thoughts of more than a few Leafs fans: “Can’t wait for Vegas to incinerate that poor excuse of a team.”

Countless posters also pointed out that bordering the US, many on that side would likely see it as a tribute to America. ‘JohannesLods’ sarcastically tweeted: “Nothing says Canadian like Red, White & Blue!”

The post even drew in a hockey celebrity. Ten-year New York Islanders great Mike Bossy, inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1991, saw the post and tweeted: “What a nice gesture and what a sight!!!!! Who would have thought… Game One tonight.”

The post proved but one thing. While the NBA Raptors and the MLB Blue Jays are both considered “Canada’s Team,” it is because they are the only Canadian teams in their respective leagues.

But hockey is and always has been far more territorial. Diehard fans up here do not cheer for another team simply because they also exist in Canada. And after the Montreal Maroons folded in 1938, the two remaining Canadian teams at the time, the Leafs and Habs, have always been bitter rivals.

It’s the Canadian way.

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