Niagara Falls Home Depot application to open on holidays gets mixed reviews from public


Published June 30, 2021 at 7:22 pm


After a Home Depot outlet in Niagara Falls applied for an exemption from the Retail Business Holiday Act, the public reaction came fast and, well, mixed.

Niagara Region will hold a virtual public meeting regarding the Home Depot at 7190 Morrison Street, which is seeking to stay open from 7 am to 9 pm during statutory holidays (except Christmas), on July 14 at 9:30 am.

But if the early reaction from residents after Niagara Region posted the meeting information on their Facebook page is any indication, the lumber outlet could be in for a long day.

One woman said: “No! If Home Depot isn’t considered ‘Essential’ by the Ontario government to stay open during the lockdowns, then it’s not essential to be open on holidays!”

Added another woman: “What the (heck) does Home Depot have to do with tourism? ‘Let’s go look at the beautiful Falls then go get some lumber’?”

A third was inclined to agree. “Really? Home Depot and tourism? I don’t think so.”

However, many could see the benefit to the outlet’s employees, who are, of course, not forced to work if they have other plans.

A former Home Depot employee shrugged the issue off.

“We were open on holidays at the St. Catharines one when I worked there once upon a time.”

One man noted it was an opportunity to earn a little cash.

“That’s why you get paid time and a half for working. People in hospitality have always done it; other sectors can do it as well.”

A third added: “Great Plan! More time open means more jobs and most of us could care less about (Statutory) Holidays.”

The Region said if Niagara Falls residents want to present a written submission about the application, they can do so by either mailing comments to the Office of the Regional Clerk, 1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way, Thorold, Ontario, L2V 4T7 or by email to [email protected].

Those wishing to lodge virtual comments are asked to pre-register with the Regional Clerk at [email protected] before 9 a.m. on Friday, July 9. At that point, registrants will be provided with instructions on how to participate in the electronic public meeting.

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