A recent collision may impact the commute in Mississauga this morning (April 16).A collision has occurred on the 403 eastbound approaching Mavis.
Commuters should be aware of a road closure in Mississauga.
A three vehicle collision, including a dump truck, has caused many lanes on Highway 410 southbound to be blocked off.
A multi-vehicle collision on Highway 410 southbound at Courtney Park Drive has blocked off many lanes.
A road closure is currently in effect following a collision that occurred in Mississauga.According to police, the collision happened in the area of Stavebank Road and Premium Way.
Some highways in Mississauga, and across Ontario in general, will be seeing some pretty big changes.
A driver has been caught travelling at an insane speed on the 403 in Mississauga.
A collision on a major highway just outside of Mississauga is currently impacting the morning commute.
If you’re travelling around Mississauga today (March 18) you may want to be aware of some traffic lights that have gone out.
Peel Police are currently on scene in Mississauga due to malfunctioning traffic lights.